FlightSimLabs A320-X review

The latest aircraft i purchased is the flightsimlabs airbus A320. i really don’t know i was so late to get it. maybe because i was reading everywhere it was the best airbus in the market so i was always leaving it behing to get something else.


Yes it is, without doubt the most detailed Airbus A320 in the market. it is full of menus and submenus, lot of options. it works as it should be. if somebody wants to make a flight by the book, with failures, the flightsimlabs a320 is the only way. there are negatives like low fps, i was getting 25fps in average with high settings in p3d and addons. if i would put everything in low, i could get 50fps in average. with all the sliders on the right, the frame rate was going under 20fps, near the 10fps side. also the graphics are not the best in the world but maybe this has something to do with prepar3d. the plane gets updates and this is a big plus.

to Buy or not to buy

this is the question… the price is high, 2x flightfactor a320 and 4x aerosoft a320. does it worth it? if you just want to fly from airport A to airport B, if you want to make a flight without problems, if you don’t have much time to fly then … don’t buy it. the simple everyday user (like i am) will not use the extra features of flightsimlabs airbus. of course on the other side, if you want to have the best airbus a320 simulator and live the (almost) real experience, then flightsimlabs will give you that. of course, if you don’t own any of a320 plane, you can save and buy the flightsimlabs a320. you will never ask for any other.